New Prepaid Cards with NO FEES

Are you frustrated because a credit card is necessary to get by in today's world, but you can't apply for one because of your bad credit record, now you might consider a prepaid credit card. You'll have most of the advantages of a credit card, and you won't have to worry about interest charges. Sounds like a prepaid credit card is a pretty good deal for us.

PreCash, Inc., a provider of cash alternatives to consumers and retailers since 1998, has just released its new line of reloadable prepaid credit cards that have no fees. The cards, which offer three pricing options for customers to choose from, are the most flexible on the market today. This company is not only providing consumers with viable alternatives to credit and debit cards, but with flexibility and control as well.

Now consumers are realizing prepaid cards can be their best alternative to credit cards ad bank accounts for everyday payment needs. Their Vision Platinum Card rewards the person who uses a prepaid card frequently with free transactions, and they have cards that work well for any user, regardless of how often they need it. They are the first to offer this much choice and control. Customers can choose from three different Vision Prepaid Visa pricing plans, each with their own benefits.

The Vision Platinum Visa Prepaid Card is the first prepaid card with free PIN transactions and ATM use. It's for you who use a card for $1,000 or more worth of purchases each month.

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